SENCA | Southeast Nebraska Community Action

Investing in Our Neighbors through Education and Partnerships to Improve Lives and Build Strong Communities in Southeast Nebraska.

Community Action Partnership

Investing in Our Neighbors through Education and Partnerships to Improve Lives and Build Strong Communities in Southeast Nebraska.

Family Outreach

Emergency Assistance

Program Objectives

These services are available to provide basic needs and support services to families in crisis who are unable to provide for themselves. This may include, but is not limited to food, emergency shelter, rent and utility assistance, basic essentials, landlord-tenant mediation, and crisis intervention.

Cass County Volunteer Pat Jones and grandsons July 2019
Cass County Food Pantry and local volunteers, Pat Jones and her grandsons.             

Program History

SENCA has strived to identify the causes and effects of poverty while working together with communities to overcome the obstacles to self-sufficiency. A heightened awareness of the growing problem of homelessness has lead SENCA to take a pro-active stand for homeless prevention. Increased efforts in the area of rent/mortgage assistance and emergency shelter are one of the many ways SENCA works to address homeless prevention.

Program Accomplishments

SENCA is the local recipient organization for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program and has served as the local Chair for the Board in Southeast Region A for the past several years. SENCA has developed a partnership with the Salvation Army and serves as its representative in each of the six counties served. SENCA is also a recipient of the Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program which utilizes Homeless Assistance Trust Funds and Emergency Shelter Grant Funds to address the needs of the homeless and near-homeless. SENCA continually works to educate the community on the needs of low-income families and the occasional lack of resources to meet those needs.

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility requirements vary depending on various available funding. SENCA uses the Federal Poverty Guidelines when income eligibility is required.

Food pantries are available to all persons in the SENCA service area who, because of unforeseen emergency, are in need of food. Food pantries are stocked by donations from various groups, organizations and other interested individuals. The food pantries also provide information about other nutrition programs, safe food preparation, and how to make your food dollars stretch. Private cash donations to the food pantry help to provide perishable items on an as-needed basis. Food pantries are provided and donations accepted at the Outreach Offices and Community Action Centers in each of the six counties served by SENCA.