SENCA Volunteers - Making a Difference

Tecumseh Loretta and Mary Lempka 3Looking to make a difference in your community?  Consider becoming a SENCA volunteer!

Mary, a local volunteer with the SENCA Johnson County Senior Center in Tecumseh, originally came to SENCA with one of her friends to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and fellowship with neighbors and friends from the community.  Mary found comfort in the warm welcome she received from the group of regular SENCA coffee drinkers.  “After my husband passed I had too much time to think.  I had been his caregiver and I often thought of how I should have done things differently” shares Mary. “Going to coffee was the start of my becoming a SENCA volunteer.”   
Mary first started helping with the weekend back pack program that benefits students from one of the local schools.  Each week throughout the school year back packs are filled with nutritious food for low-income students who are in need of having access to food they can prepare themselves when they are not in school.  In addition, Mary found herself volunteering to help with the annual back-to-school event that provides new back packs and school supplies to low-income students of all ages. 
As a result of Mary’s interest and on-going support of the agency’s youth programs, it wasn’t a surprise that when Loretta, SENCA cook, needed help in the kitchen Mary stepped up and now volunteers to help out two days a week.  Mary shares “All of the volunteer jobs with SENCA have helped to make me aware of the great community I live in and of all the friendly and caring people I have met.” “Thank you SENCA for all you do for all the people and the communities you serve.”

Mary’s story is a wonderful example of how sharing one’s time and talents through volunteering helps ensure that vital programs and services, such as those provided by SENCA, continue to improve lives and strengthen communities.  In return, Mary’s life is more fulfilled and enriched knowing that she is truly making a difference in the Tecumseh community she calls home.    
If interested in volunteering for one of SENCA’s programs, please contact the SENCA Central Office at 402-862-2411 or a SENCA location near you.