Tecumseh Residents Benefit from SENCA's Nutrition Program

Lets do Lunch
As with any favorite restaurant, Loretta, cook at the SENCA Johnson County Outreach and Senior Center, has regular customers who support the local nutrition program that provides a much needed service to the community.
Congregate diners enjoy low-cost home cooked meals, companionship and access to the local Senior Center that offers a variety of services. Meals on Wheels volunteers help ensure that local residents who prefer to enjoy a meal at home have access to the same nutritious food delivered conveniently to their door at no extra charge.
"Stanley", a regular diner at the Center, lives alone and doesn’t cook much because of his physical limitations. He gets his daily exercise by getting out of the house and going to the Center to enjoy a home cooked meal. This also provides Stanley the opportunity to spend time fellowshipping with friends and neighbors. Having the ability to connect with others is extremely important, specifically for seniors who live independently and especially during the Covid 19 pandemic when those at a higher risk often feel even more isolated and alone.  
For Kevin, the meals-on-wheels program is the answer to healing and feeling better. Kevin has Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. Because he is one of many individuals with pre-existing conditions, thereby considered to be a higher risk during the pandemic, Kevin found himself sitting in chair longer than normal.  As a result he developed sores that were not healing properly. His doctor advised Kevin he needed good nutrition in order to heal. Familiar with SENCA programs and services, Kevin signed up for meals-on wheels.  Just as the doctor ordered, after three months of providing his body with good nutrition, Kevin’s sores decreased by 50% and he is feeling much better.  

The SENCA Outreach and Senior Center, located on the east side of Tecumseh’s downtown square, is open Monday thru Friday providing congregate noon meals to anyone wishing to dine-in, as well as meals-on-wheels to home bound individuals. Meals are available at a suggested donation of $5 for those age 60 and older and $6 for those age 59 and under. 
The Center provides a home-cooked breakfast every Tuesday morning and Loretta’s fried chicken Wednesday’s is a local favorite! Diners are asked to call 402-335-2134 by 9:00 a.m. to reserve their noon meal.

Regardless of utilizing the dine-in or meals-on-wheels program, Stanley, Kevin and anyone from the Tecumseh community, has local access to healthy, low-cost meal options that can help them meet their on-going nutritional needs.