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Will your child be ready for Kindergarten? Why not give your child a Head Start in the right direction!
SENCA Head Start is now taking applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Head Start is a tuition free, high quality child and family development program for preschool children ages 3 to 5 years of age. Program services include education, nutrition, health and disability services, transportation and family support.
To qualify for the program, household income must fall within federal standard guidelines, or applicant must meet minimum eligibility requirements, whichever more accurately reflects the family’s current needs. Individual attention is also given to children with disabilities.  For age requirements, children born between 07/31/14 to 07/31/16 may be eligible.
For more information please contact your SENCA Head Start Center listed below and speak to the Family Service Advocate that serves that location.  You can also contact the SENCA Central Office in Humboldt, toll Free 1-888-313-5608, and speak with Mary Jane at extension 110.
Auburn contact                          Katie McAhon           402 274-4160
Nebraska City Part Day            Susan Boyd               402 873-6447
Nebraska City Full Day             Diana Bohlen            402 874-9060
Falls City                                   Robin Minard            402 245-4983
Table Rock/ HTRS                    Mary Jane Gist         402 862-2411 #110
Space is limited, so don’t delay…give our child a Head Start today!