SENCA Continues to Provide Local Services

Outreach locations are open, however doors are locked to help protect our staff and our clients by practicing social distancing. SENCA continues to provide assistance to the communities we serve while staff handle customer needs by phone. 

Food pantries are available to help during this time of added need. Please call the outreach office that serves your community to get further details. Head Start locations are currently closed until further notice. If unable to reach your local outreach office, please call the Central Office 402-862-2411 x 108.

Richardson County and Pawnee County Transit continues to provide services, however health screenings are conducted prior to providing service. Congregate meals are currently suspended in Tecumseh, however Meals on Wheels are available in Tecumseh, Humboldt, and Pawnee City.  Please call your local SENCA office for further details..

Currently all agency events and activities scheduled for March have been suspended due to the Corvid 19 Pandemic. Future events and activities will be reevaluated on an on-going basis to help ensure the health and safety of our residents and our communities. 

Thank you for doing your part to help flatten the curve!.