Head Start, Improving Lives Generation after Generation - Shelby’s Story

Shelby Success Story picture 2

From Head Start student, to Head Start parent, to being named agency Fiscal Officer, Shelby's life has been positively impacted by SENCA and the Head Start program.  

As a young child, Shelby lived in Falls City and was a student in the local SENCA Head Start program. “When I was a child, I remember going to school and being so excited for all the things we got to experience.  To this day I remember seeing the dentist, riding the bus, playing in the sand and water tables, and playing with the huge ‘click together’ blocks to build play houses.  Those activities, and the people that were employed at Head Start made me look forward to school every day.”

After growing up and having children of her own, Shelby contacted the Falls City Head Start Center to see if she was eligible to enroll her son into the program. From her own personal experience as a Head Start student, Shelby thought Head Start might be the best way of helping increase his social and intellectual skills. After applying and meeting program guidelines, Shelby’s son was enrolled into the Falls City Head Start program where he has been able to create his own special memories for two years. “I am so glad that my son has had the chance to have the same Head Start experience that I have,” shares a grateful Shelby.     

When COVID 19 changed all of our lives, and our world in 2020, Shelby’s business, like so many others, was negatively impacted.  As a result, Shelby became unemployed and looking for work. Then as if by fate, in December 2020, an employment opportunity with SENCA was brought to her attention.  It was then that Shelby knew this was a position that she would be able to give her “all” to.  

Shelby’s experience, as both a student and parent within the Head Start program, helped create Shelby’s interest in going to school and building good relationships within the southeast Nebraska community she calls home.  Today, Shelby is the Fiscal Officer for SENCA.  As a result of the positive influences provided by SENCA and the Head Start program, Shelby has become a better parent, has created a savings account for her children and has built a strong foundation for her family for years to come.