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Southeast Nebraska Community Action Council, Inc. (SENCA) is a private non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation incorporated on May 2, 1966, with its headquarters located in Humboldt, NE. SENCA was incorporated for the purpose (as stated in its articles of incorporation) of "developing and operating any and all community action programs and activities including, but not limited to those authorized or permitted by the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964."


Success Stories

Volunteers Donate Time and Talents with SENCA Cass County Repair Project

Jim Bowen Volunteers Cass County Repair Project reduced
On Saturday, August 29, James (Jim) Bowen, a resident of Beaver Lake and the first recipient of the Cass County SENCA Repair program, had a much needed and appreciated transformation take place at his home.  This was largely due to a group of 23 local volunteers who donated more than 175 hours of personal time to the project.